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New desks for an elementary school

Updated: Apr 24, 2022

Since visiting the school and seeing the great need they had for desks, we had arranged to order new desks. This is what the classrooms looked before:

We had very many leaders, the Mayor of Rubuguri Town Council, the area Councillor, Chairpersons of Management and P.T.A., Headteacher one of our Lecturers in University, a priest among others.

Children danced and enjoyed. 30 desks were given to the school from us and other well-wishers that we have inspired to contribute.

The parents and school leaders were very grateful. They gave me table clothes and a gift of a chicken in appreciation.

Here is the special engraving on the desks to remember this occasion.

What surprised me most was the little girl I saw in this class wearing a pink sweater three weeks ago was present still in the same attire.

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