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School Visits

Updated: Apr 24, 2022

Today I went to the village to harvest some Irish potatoes but because of heavy rain yesterday and today, there was a lot of mud and we had to postpone the activity. I decided to use the day for checking on our children in schools. It was very amazing finding them there, they felt loved and passed on greetings on your behalf.

I visited five schools moving on a motorcycle, roads are impassable by car.

These are children of Kisharu P.S. near our Children's Hope offices.

From there, I visited the secondary school nearby. These are our beneficiaries of St. John's Mutanda S.S.

From here, I proceeded to Igabiro P.S. it's quite far. These are the children from Igabiro. What made me cry was what I saw in one of the classes where our children study from, they have no seats. These are chairs and desks. I felt very touched, no child can excel in such a class.

From here I visited Rutaka Community S.S. and saw our students. They were very happy to see me.

I had moved to Rutaka P.S. quite late and had found there were only one of our beneficiaries, others had gone home.

By the time I came back, school had closed and only met some of our children of Good Hope on the way going home. The first picture is Bruce & Keti.

The day was very enjoyable.

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