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In Honor of Ender

Updated: Apr 24, 2022

Words from our Children's Hope leader and dear teacher friend Adrine from last Friday...

Today, I had one of the most emotional moments losing control at certain instances.

We started the day by loading the school desks we had made on a big truck and started our journey. We have scarcity of timber so we also had to buy some on the way for farmers to have structures soon.

We told the Administration to send children to help come and pick-up the desks since the road is in a poor state and a vehicle could not reach there. They responded very fast and we moved over a kilometer to reach the school. We had to help children here and there on the way.

When we arrived with the school desks happiness filled the air at the school.

We reached late at around 4:00 PM. Different people gave speeches. The Headteacher is in a green shirt, Chairperson Local Council is in a blue shirt with a black coat, Chairperson school management is in a green shirt with a blue coat, young lady in red represented the Town Clerk, in a cream t-shirt is the area priest.

Children were happy to see two of their classes stocked with new desks and chairs.

I told them they were given in memory of Ender James Tuttle which was the reason we marked the desks that way. They had a moment of silence to pray for him.

May his soul Rest In Peace.

Where we reached today, the challenge of school desks and seats will soon be history when pledges are fulfilled by other well-wishers.

This is what their classroom looked like before.

There was also a lot of dancing and celebrating when they received the gift.

What made me very emotional was handing over the school uniform. The little boy I promised to give a small bag, books and clothing when called, he came in front with his twin brother who I did not see last time.

I handed over the materials and gave both books. I will see how the elder brother also gets some uniform. The mother was deserted by her husband, many years, he has not stepped at home.

Thank you for making this happen dear.

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