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August Update

Updated: Mar 29, 2022

Schools have been closed since March since Covid-19 & students don’t have access to technology like our students in the USA. The only option they have in order to continue on their education is through photocopied packets. However, most families do not have the money to pay for the expensive photocopies so the students have had nothing. We were able to send the funds to make the copies so all our orphans & disadvantaged kids in Children’s Hope have access to learning & education!!! Here are pictures of the day that Madame Adrine passed out the educational packets! The students were overjoyed that they were not forgotten! (The students smiling in the purple sweater uniforms are wearing uniforms that some of you donated through our Christmas Gifts with Purpose!) This past month we did a thing... we helped to fund the building of a piggery. Our plan is to raise pigs at our headquarters to enable us to provide a group of our orphans with their own pig to raise and create their own piggery to create an income! We have 8 pigs to get us started!! Aren’t they so cute? Also, our orphan caregivers have been busy harvesting in our community gardens and have been overjoyed to have an abundance of cabbage. This helps feed the disadvantaged and provides additional income for the caregivers. They are already planting more vegetables! We are feeling all kinds of joy today as we reflect on the goodness of God & what He can do through us when we are willing!!

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