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Several home visits and new construction

Updated: Apr 24, 2022

Here are some photos from yesterday's structure constructed in Jackline and Saviour's home. The two girls are double orphans staying with a grandmother.

I have finished my prayers and I wanted to drop in the village and will visit a few beneficiaries to check on them.

I had time to visit Rauben's home. This photo of us is from last year. However, the photo of his pig is from today. Look how it has grown! It is very big and yet to mate.

We are having a new structure built for the family of Prossy and Joshua.

Also, this evening I happened to monitor Enock's pig. It is growing very large and the family has done a good job and has started getting good manure! Families with manure will have an increase in yields and income. Floor hygiene needs improvement.

I also visited Isaac's pig. Here is where they hip the manure.

Here is their new goat house. We finished it late in the evening. They were too happy. This lady was one of our first excellent poultry farmers. Under her poultry house, she bought a piglet and keeps it there. Next to her structure on the right is the house for goats she is currently using.

They gave me a reward gift of a rooster.

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