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Goat & Piglet Distribution

Updated: Apr 16, 2022

Good day and night friends.

Today, we had a day well celebrated with smiles on faces of children and caretakers.

We distributed three goats to:

1. Shallon & family. We had already built them a goat structure. Here is a picture of her standing with her father Jonathan. The picture of the structure shows the goat structure we recently built for them!

2. Verena & family. She also has a goat structure that we had previously built for them. Her mother, Vangilista is in the photo below.

3. We received a kid goat from another beneficiary, John's goat. It was given to Angel & Nicholas and received by their grandmother. Angel & Nicholas lost their mother and their father works very far away and rarely comes home.

We also gave out piglets today.

The father of Expedito received one.

Catherine in the blue uniform & Rozetti got 2 piglets. One piglet is a male and another a female. The old lady in the photo is their grandmother who looks after six orphans left be her daughters single handedly.

We also gave a piglet to Babirye Judith. Not sure if she remembers her father and her mom has remarried and neglected her.

The mother of Christine also received a piglet.

Here is Moses offloading the animals before giving them to the beneficiaries.

In total, we gave out 5 piglets today! We had a very great day. The parents were so appreciative and happy for the support. Thank you to all the supporters who made this happen, we are very privileged to have you.

Here are the beneficiaries.

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