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Scholastic Material Distrubtion

Updated: Apr 24, 2022

Today we distributed the scholastic materials at Kisharu near our Children's Hope offices. The children were very happy and grateful for the offer. The will beginning school after schools being closed for over 2 years!

All children on our side got books, those who were absent with a genuine reason, parent leaders took their materials.

We started with Secondary students and their guardians. Secondary schools that they attend are Rutaka Community, St. John's Mutanda, Nkuringo Community, Mwumba S.S., St. Joseph's Rubuguri, St. Gertrude.

Then we gave the primary pupils scholastic materials. They are from Rushabarara P.S., Rutooma P.S., Igabiro P.S., Good Hope P.S., Kalehe P.S., Kirundo P.S., Kisharu P.S., Rutaka P.S.,

It was a very lovely day, we got time to rejoice and praise God and update everyone on our children's data.

This year has begun on a good night. Hands up for you our friends.

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