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Notes from the Field

Updated: Mar 29, 2022

The following are notes sent by our dear friend Madame Adrine (founder and President of Children's Hope) to Jennifer and Anne. Weekly, Adrine completes home visits to meet with the orphans and their caregivers throughout our area of reach. Many times these travels are difficult to make as they are remote and only are able to be reached by foot through rocky terrain and on the hillside. It is currently Uganda's raining season and due to poor irrigation and roads- it is a difficult journey for her to reach this village which is about a 45 minute drive to her house where she then makes the rest of the journey to visit homes on foot.

Enjoy the recap of her day below:

Today, God made it possible for me to visit 6 families. Unfortunately, some had very touching and humbling experiences. The first family we met with has three children, both parents passed away. The head of that family now is a girl we have been supporting, she is a candidate in S.4, in a distant place. She leaves home for school on Sunday, stays at school, comes back on Saturday to check on the two younger brothers and also dig.

They almost have no kitchen, their pit latrine near the young boy three weeks ago fell down. That small structure is for rabbits and chicken.

We visited a second home where two weeks we built a poultry structure (chicken coop). We found their children and measured their feet so we can purchase them shoes!

From there, we went to the third family. Their chicken lay eggs next to the fire place, their poultry structure got old and they have many chickens.

We went to the fourth family almost headed by a small boy. They are 7 children, the mother is rarely at home, she has children from different men. This young boy built that incomplete poultry structure, he cooks for the siblings and told me their latrine fell down and he dug another pit.

We got a chance to move to another family of two. An old woman with a grand son. The boy lost both parents and grandparent is the caretaker.

We proceeded to the home where we were building one of our sponsored chicken coops today. The family was very gracious to receive such a special gift.

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