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Benjamin & Brian

Updated: Apr 24, 2022

Good day friends, I am happy to inform you about some work performed today in the village. It rained heavily in the morning, work on the goat shelter started around 11:00 AM. I joined them late in the afternoon. We tried our best, the carpenter will find some time to complete the shelter when the rain stops.

The mother to Benjamin though sick was happiest seeing such a big house on her compound.

Today we also constructed another structure with a beneficiary near Moses. His name is Brian. Moses and the carpenter performed good work today.

Brian very much loves his goat, he took it to the new structure and gave it food.

Timber for the remaining structures was delivered. Thank you for your support.

Seems like the projects will progress in a very short time. I can't imagine having this kind of success in only a few years!! God is great!

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