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Guidance & Counseling Sessions

I am very happy to inform you about our guidance and counseling session that we hosted. We were hoping it will be colourful. Moses is our facilitator.

I am glad to inform you partners of Children's Hope that today we had the commissioning/presentations to our beneficiaries. We had a very good time with them. They can now read their Bibles for life.

Today was one of the most impressive days. Children went through the Bible with a lot of interest and many were able to memorize the verses given. I am sure many benefited a lot a and this humble beginning is going to brighten their relationship with God and each other.

We addressed pupils from Igabiro Primary School and Rutiima P.S. in the morning.

In the afternoon, we talked to pupils of Kirundo Primary School shown below. Having the session opposite the lake was very thrilling.

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