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Cuteness Overload!

Give the gift of bacon & cuteness to those who need it this holiday season! Hahaha seriously though how cute are these piglets?!? This year we invested in building a piggery in Uganda to raise pigs so that we can gift even more to our orphan kids. We financed the building construction & our initial 6 pigs to start our venture. Our first litter of piglets will be born this Christmas!! A piggery is a great source of income for our orphans. A piggery also produces manure that is a valuable asset in farming. We already have had 5 piglets donated this year through Gifts of Purpose— please help us reach our goal of 10 piglets!! We will be giving these to our orphans along with the piglets to be born later this month- it will be a great start to help several families start their own piggery! I can’t wait to go to Uganda this summer & meet these cute piggies! If we get donations for 5 MORE PIGLETS- I promise to kiss a pig in Uganda this August & share the pics/videos on social media!

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