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2nd Annual Gifts with Purpose Celebration Day

We hosted our 2nd Annual Gifts with Purpose Celebration Day. We had a huge turn out of families come to our Children's Hope headquarters. The celebration started with Moses sharing a message of encouragement from the Bible, a presentation by Madame Adrine about hygiene & the female menstrual cycle, and several local government leaders made speeches.

Because of our generous donors we were able to invest into the lives of our Children's Hope orphans and their caregivers. One of the main goals in our partnership is to provide our orphan students with basic needs and also with the tools and resources to produce an additional income to pay for their school fees. We were able to donate $2,500 worth of shoes, animals, school supplies, clothes, vegetable seedlings, personal hygiene kits & more. Not everything was even distributed yet, there’s still more to come! The items were graciously received and will be much help to these children during the challenging times of the pandemic.

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