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Education during Covid

Distance learning has been a struggle for me!! It’s hard to imagine that I haven’t been in my classroom with my students for 9 months now. As much as technology has caused me a lot of frustration- I must reflect on how truly BLESSED we are in America to have access to technology for me & my students during this pandemic. Even though our digital learning experience isn’t ideal... we at least still have schools open remotely & students have the opportunity to learn. My teacher friends in Uganda are not able to conduct any classes with their students. Teachers are not being paid and students have not had any educational opportunities since March!! Ugandan students who have financial means are able to buy photocopied packets to help them learn while schools are closed. The families we work with are just trying to provide for their basic survival needs & do not have the money to purchase these packets. Through Children’s Hope, we have worked to fund the photocopies of many packets for our orphans throughout these last 9 months. This Christmas, we are trying to fundraise with our Gifts with Purpose initiative to provide even more students with the gift of education during the continued closing of schools because of Covid. Please help us empower orphans in Uganda!

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